Arora, David. Mushrooms Demystified. Ten Speed Press, 1986. ISBN 0-89815-169-4

This is one of the best mushroom books for identifying mushrooms in California, especially the mountainous coastal areas. It bills itself as a field guide but at 1000 pages, you'd be better of bringing your mushrooms home to the book instead of the other way around!

Northern California Atlas & Gazetteer DeLorme Mapping, 1995. ISBN 0-89933-204-8

Southern California Atlas & Gazetteer DeLorme Mapping, 1990. ISBN 0-89933-205-6

The Northern and Southern California Gazeteers are invaluable for traveling the lesser known roads. Used together with appropriate National Forest maps, it's difficult to get completely lost.

McGrath, Roger D. Gunfighters, Highwaymen and Vigilantes. University of California Press, 1987. ISBN 0-520-06026-1

Sounds like an adventure book, but it is a great source of information about Aurora and Bodie, two mining camps right on the California border. The book tends to study various aspects of violence, but the real worth is the hundreds of stories of people in the old towns.

Manly, William Lewis. Death Valley in '49. Chalfant Press

This is an excellent book. It's an autobiography of William Manly, telling of his travels across the United States as an emigrant, through Death Valley, and into California. Since it's an autobiography of his entire life, the Death Valley part is only about half of the book. His time in California is very interesting as well. I found this book in the Death Valley Visitor Center, and read it the next few days in a chair in the sun on an alluvial fan. Chalfant Press is in Bishop CA, 93514.

Foster, Lynne. Adventuring in the California Desert. Sierra Club Books, 1987. ISBN 0-87156-721-0

This book details how to get to just about any hiking or camping spot anywhere in the California Deserts. Combine this guide with the DeLorme Gazetteer and you've got most of what you need; be sure you've got a very healthy vehicle.

Austin, Mary. Land of Little Rain. Ballantine Books, New York, 1971

Originally published in 1903, I thought that I would never see this book unless I scoured used book stores. The entire text along with pictures is available in electronic form from the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center. Her descriptions of plants, animals and people are in older, flowery language, and hauntingly accurate. She obviously spent a great deal of time in the deserts, Owens Valley and the eastern sierra.

Hunt, Charles B. Death Valley: Geology, Ecology, Archaeology. University of California Press, 1975. ISBN 0-520-03013-3

This is a good book for the academic person that wants to know more about Death Valley's rocks, plants and indians. I found it at the Death Valley Visitor Center along with Manly's "Death Valley in '49" book.

Nadeau, Remy. Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of California. Crest Publishers, Santa Barbera CA, 1965. ISBN 0-9627104-2-3

This book is full of the humor and stories of the mining camps of California. It's a pity that this book doesn't also detail the Nevada mining camps, but that would have doubled it's size. Each chapter ends with current (1996) road and travel information for each site mentioned, and more. You could plan a few vacations according to the information in this book.

Canon Lens Work II. Canon, Inc. 1996.

This is a Canon publication on their own EF camera system. It contains very highly detailed information about most Canon EF lenses including MTF charts and lots of beautiful photos, examples, diagrams and explanations. It does not cover flash topics.

Kelsey, Michael R. Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau, Third Edition. Kelsey Publishing, 1995.  ISBN 0-944510-11-6

This book has over one hundred hikes to pictographs, petroglyphs, slot canyons, arches and all other manner of cool stuff.  Some of the hikes in the book are pretty intense.

Hinchman, Sandra. Southwest's Canyon Country, Second Edition.  The Mountaineers, Seattle WA, 1997.  ISBN 0-89886-492-5

This author suggests good multi-day trips of adjacent attractions.  It can help to plan a successful and efficient trip for someone who has never been to the canyons in Utah.

Barnes, Fran A. Canyon Country; Off-Road Vehicle Trails; Canyon Rims Recreation Area.  Canyon Country Publications, 1991.  ISBN 0-925685-01-1

There is a map which must be purchased separately which accompanies the text in the book.  This is the best information i've seen about navigating the Beef Basin region in Utah.

Note that the ISBN numbers for various editions may be different.