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Fall 2006 Trip Report


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I've been going to the canyons of Utah for many years now and have lots of pictures and movies from lots of places...

Here are some select photographs for your viewing pleasure...

Bullet Canyon Waterfall Arch Canyon Creek Beef Basin Fable Valley Floor
Bullet Canyon Arch Canyon Beef Basin Fable Valley

Ruin Pictograph Spiral Petroglyph
Ruins Pictographs Petroglyphs Handprints


Sunsets Horseshoe Canyon Pictographs

Books, Maps and Trail Guides:

Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau - It contains over one hundred hikes from difficult to easy.

Southwest's Canyon Country - Has information that helps to plan trips lasting a week or more.

Canyon Country Off-Road Vehicle Trails, Canyon Rims Recreation Area - This booklet and a related map are useful in getting around Beef Basin.


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