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Sunset at Bullet Canyon

Here's 5 sample sunset pictures. Utah has dramatic skies almost every afternoon and sunset. Sometimes you cannot get clear of the Pinion and Juniper forests and you end up with silhouettes.

Sunset at Dark Canyon Mesa

The skies were mostly clear on this night. The few clouds that were close to the horizon lit up quite brightly.

Sunset at the Burr Trail
It would have been nice to light these clouds up from underneath. It's very pretty when it happens, but it never occured in all of those nights of camping.

Sunset at Monticello
This was a very wide angle lens. The thunderstorms of the afternoon usually decay into beautiful sunsets like this in early June.

Sunset at Cedar Mesa
At sunset, the silhouettes of the mesas become very apparent.

All photos Copyright © by Adam Lane. All rights reserved.