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Hang on...this next movie is a drive from the Dollhouse campsite, out to the Hite road. If you are not familiar with these roads, it's no wonder, as many folks take one look at the rough stuff at Teapot Canyon and decide not to drive it. The original video is over four hours long and I have sped the video up 20 times to compress it into a more managable 13 minutes. Still, that's a lot of driving and bouncing and it makes you a little dizzy to watch the whole thing...the still frame is one of the locations we had to carefully drive through with some guidance from a spotter.

Warning: This is a large 39MB movie and it is supposed to "stream", meaning that it is supposed to start playing immediately, as it downloads. However, some computers do not work well with this streaming video and you may have to download the whole 39MB movie before you can see it play.

A drive down the Flint Trail, in Utah.

The first movie is about 3 minutes long and is sped up 3x for a fast, non-boring ride down this rough road.

The second movie is the full 14 minutes of the same drive in normal unaccelerated time for those more patient and interested in the scenery.

A fast drive down the very scenic Route 12 with some sections driven very slowly...

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