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An excellent thing to do in the San Rafael Desert is to go on the guided ranger tour of Horseshoe Canyon.  Be at the trailhead at 9am on Saturday or Sunday and you'll get an excellent tour of some of the best pictograph panels around.

About 3 miles from the trailhead is the Grand Gallery, a huge expanse of pictographs.  I've got a high resolution version of this image as well.


One of the more interesting figures is called the "White Ghost", although I don't know why.


An ornate figure.  I planned to hike this in about a half day, but ended up pondering the ancient artwork instead.


Horseshoe canyon contains pictographs from as much as 3 different cultures.  The bow and arrow as well as buffalo of this particular pictograph means that it was probably done by the Ute.

All photos Copyright by Adam Lane. All rights reserved.