Bullet Canyon

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Bullet Canyon is one of the various side canyons of Grand Gulch.  It was four miles from the trailhead to the first ruin, called Perfect Kiva.  Just a bit further down the canyon and you come to the Jailhouse Ruin.  One of the people on the hike had a GPS unit which could read altitude.  It was 1100 vertical feet down from the trailhead to the Jailhouse Ruin.  Although we had walked 5 miles down the trail, it was about 3.8 miles as the crow flies back to the trailhead.

This interesting place is about 2 miles from the trailhead. Right around here, the canyon is quite dramatic.

A Waterpocket
A small water pocket. There was just a trickle of water running down Bullet Canyon, but there were water sources available most everywhere along the way. I drank about 3 liters of water on this day's 10 mile hike.


About 3 miles down, the canyon widens and is very beautiful.  There is more land suitable for cultivation than one might think would be in a desert canyon.

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