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All prints are mailed in a 3" by 18" mailing tube and should be mounted, matted and framed. Care should be taken not to damage the image surface before the print is framed. These pictures are made with high quality Epson paper, printed on a photo quality HP printer with archival inks. This is a combination that I find produces the best results.

12 x 8 - $39
8 x 12 - $39
8 x 12 - $39
15 x 10 - $49
10 x 15 - $49
10 x 15 - $49
18 x 12 - $65
12 x 18 - $65
12 x 18 - $65

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Panamint Moon

This double-exposure image of Panamint Valley was taken on a special evening.  Panamint Valley is one valley to the west of Death Valley.  The valley's name came from the miners, who said you could "pan a mint" there.

This image has been carefully scanned and prepared for printing on Archival Matte or Premium Lustre photo paper.

The main exposure, eight minutes long, was taken with a 15mm fisheye lens.  The stars leave small streaks with such a long exposure.  The horizon passes slightly above the center, giving the horizon a pleasent, natural curve.  The tripod is visible as a shadow.  The moon, which was actually out of sight of the main exposure, was added as a second exposure with a 300mm lens.  The moon is not 'washed out' and looks quite natural.  The lights of the small outpost of Panamint Springs is visible in the distance.  The entire picture is full of contrast and color, surprisingly so for the night.


Yosemite Valley

This is a picture of Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Valley during the time of the year that the snowmelt floods most places.  The composition is carefully done to capture the feeling at this specific time of year when water abounds.

This slide was carefully scanned and prepared for printing on Archival Matte or Premium Lustre photo paper.


Annas Hummingbird

The Anna's hummingbird is native to California and is non-migratory.  This bird is a pleasure to have all year round.

This archival quality print is made with Archival Matte or Premium Lustre photo paper.

This fine closeup of an Anna's hummingbird shows some rare orange highlighting on the head of the bird.  Usually, the only colors that are apparent are the typical green of the body and magenta of the head.  Approximately one thousand photos were taken of this particularly patient bird to get this one excellent shot.  The photo was taken in coastal Mendocino county and that is the tip of a young redwood tree that the bird is perched on.  The photo is very sharp and you can see quite a bit of the detail in the feathers which is usually invisible at a larger distance.

This picture was taken with a Canon 135mm f/2 L lens, a very high quality moderate telephoto lens.  Not only is the subject in excellent focus, but the background is blurred pleasingly.  The distance to the subject was 0.9m.

All photos Copyright © by Adam Lane. All rights reserved.