Yosemite Wildlife

Wawona Hotel

If you want to photograph some deer, go to the Wawona Hotel, near the south entrance of the park on highway 41. There is a golf course, and large cleared fields. Almost every time i've been through there, plenty of deer were around. Drive very slowly! Just a mile north of Wawona is a campsite.

High Sierra

Here's a good reason to have a very long macro lens. Skittish subjects, such as a frog, will tolerate a photographer's presence at only a certain distance. A long macro lens lets you back up. This picture was taken with a 100mm Macro lens and a 2x teleconverter. The picture would not have been possible with the 100mm macro lens alone, as the frog was too shy.

This is a Mountain King Snake, a small, colorful species that doesn't get much longer than a yardstick. The one I saw was approximately 25 inches long, but I did not grab it to measure. The beautiful, and harmless snake was inspecting the rocky cobbles that lined the inside part of the trail. It was probably checking for lizards and other small animals.

King's Canyon

Many miles south of Yosemite is a deep granite canyon called King's Canyon. The highway does not go through the Sierra here, but it does travel deep into the heart of the Sierra, to the 5,000 foot elevation at the bottom of a canyon. Here, highway 180 ends; it's actually called "the end of the road". Two main trail options exist at the end of the road: Paradise Creek and Bubb's Creek. The following two bear pictures are from King's Canyon, but they might as well have been from Yosemite, so I included them here.

This was taken with a 105mm lens; the bear is not very far away. I was with two other hikers at the time, and the bear very slowly and cautiously approached us.

This was taken with a 200mm lens; the bear is much closer, about 30 feet away. When the three of us started to back up because the bear was getting close, the bear walked off the trail and stopped to rest on a tree. It tried to act as cute as it could, but it didn't want to scare us away; it knew the other two hikers had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I don't suggest that people actually try to get this close to a bear, but when you hike the backcountry long enough, it's bound to happen.

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