South Fork of the Trinity River

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The campsite that I occupied was very close to a suspension bridge across the river. On the other side is an old wagon trail. There's even some private land here and there along the trail, so be respectful of the privacy of the owners. The swaying bridge made it very difficult to get a clear picture.

This is the view upstream from the middle of the suspension bridge.

This is the view downstream from the suspension bridge.

It's a pretty long drive to this spot. The distances on this map are decieving...almost all of route 36 is windy, and some of it is very steep, curvy, and only one lane wide. The green arrow points to where route 36 meets the south fork of the Trinity river.

There are some wide clear areas along the mile or so of dirt road south of highway 36. This road starts at a bridge just after the Hell's Gate campsite. In the trees by the side of the stream, there was a wooden pioneer grave marker that said only "Pioneer Grave: Young". Someone has gone to great trouble to construct very beautiful split rail fencing all around the area.

There were a great deal of pale yellow and black butterflies drinking in the wet sand. You could only get within 20 feet of them; they seemed to be very sensitive to sound.

When they took off, they did so all at once and flew towards and around me for a bit before flying off. When my friend and I canoed the river, we saw more groups of butterflies drinking in the wet sand You can also see the extremely clear blue water of the Trinity River.

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