Oregon and Washington

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Crater Lake, Oregon

People don't usually say the name of the state after Crater Lake, but my home page also contains a different, smaller Crater Lake in California.

A fisheye lens is good at Crater Lake. The 35 mile road that circles the lake does so at it's rim, so even an ultra wide 18mm lens cannot see the entire lake at once. The lake is round in the first place, so the fisheye lens distortion is very compatible with the scenery. Higher than 8000 feet, this place is snowy most of the year. There are no campsites on the rim, although there is a lodge. The Pacific Crest Trail follows a portion of the rim. There is a higher resolution version of this image available (88k).

Most turnouts on the road around Crater Lake are populated with chipmunks and these birds called Clark's Nutcrackers. The chipmunk picture was taken with a Sigma 18-35mm lens set at 35mm. I was very close to get this picture. The curious little thing went away disappointed; I had no seeds.
Clark's Nutcracker

Lower Lewis River Falls, Washington

This is in southern Washington. An interpretive display on the trail indicated that these falls were the first natural barrier that the spawning salmon could not jump over. Because of that, the region had a large population of indians. The fish are gone; dams downstream limit their progress. There is a fine hiking trail for many miles along this river.

Realizing the benefits of a zoom lens in Oregon

This picture was taken at a road bend right at the summit of a small one lane forest road. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of the volcanic peak in the background. I got close to the ground and made sure that the flowers were using a good portion of the frame...you'll see why...

This is the wider angle shot. Overall, the view shows quite an ugly pattern of clearcutting in the forest.

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