Lassen National Forest

Try to avoid confusion: There's a Lassen National Park, which includes Lassen Peak and the area around it. There's a Lassen National Forest, which encompasses most of the land around the park. Sprinkled here and there is the odd wilderness area, such as Caribou Wilderness and Thousand Lakes Wilderness. All my pictures shown on this page come from the National Forest.

Early in the season, you can't drive your car very far into the mountains, but you sure can walk about anywhere. In the late spring, this field of snow is one huge tangle of grass, gravel and water.

Crater Lake, California

If there's a Crater Lake in both California and Oregon, i'd better mention the name of the state to avoid confusion.

Like Crater Lake in Oregon, this lake is made by a crater in the top of a volcano. California's Crater Lake is much smaller; the volcano is 1000 feet high and the lake is only a third of a mile wide. There are some campsites beside the lake. Acess is via an 8 mile dirt road, starting from the Bogard Ranger Station on Route 44. When I was there, a deer came right up and sniffed our cooler...this is one of those places that you have to shoo the deer away.

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