Desert Rocks

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This is a closeup of some of the strange fibrous crystals that were growing on the ground around the Devil's Golf Course. There is a much higher resolution image (117k) of this available too. This is one of the few closeup pictures that was not taken with a macro lens; this is the Canon EF 28-105 lens as close as it goes. The hairy crystals are about an inch long.

Each alluvial fan is peppered with fantastic rocks. This particular rock was found not far off the road up to Trail Canyon. The high winds etched away at the rock, enhancing the curly layers. There is a larger version of this image available (179k).

This is a closeup picture of a wind-eroded black rock. It was nearby the curly layered rock, pictured above. This particular alluvial fan around Trail Canyon had lots of very strangely eroded stones.

This is a mound of particularly large rocks in an alluvial fan. There is a larger version of this image available (128k).

This is a view from a mile or so up Golden Canyon in Death Valley. It's best to visit this canyon as early in the morning as you can, not because of the heat as much as the lighting conditions. It was chilly on the December day that I took this picture. People walking downhill in shorts got quite uncomfortable. Notice the person standing on the hill in the center of the image.

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