Desert Roads

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Death Valley has a few very remote and funky signposts. This one is on the way to Racetrack Valley, about 30 miles down a washboard dirt road from Ubehebe Crater. Note all of the teakettles and pots hanging and laying around the sign. There are many old lead and silver mines in the area. Believe it or not, the orange Southern California DeLorme topo map lists this as a little black dot on the back page.

A few more miles down the road from Teakettle Junction and you are finally rewarded with this view of Racetrack Valley. Lippencott Lead Mine is in the far valley; the road that continues to Saline Valley descends through the canyon on the right. Ubehebe Mine, on the way to Racetrack Valley, is also a nice place to hike around. The strange rock formation in the middle of the playa is called The Grandstand.

Crankshaft Crossing is at the very north end of Death Valley. It's littered with crankshafts, of course. The aluminum transfer case in the foreground seems new...I did not see it there two years ago. Even though this is a well graded, wide dirt road, the last time I was on it, I ruined one of my tires on a relatively small rock.

This is a picture of Badwater, the lowest point in America. I added a small white arrow which points at a sign which says "sea level". This sign barely registers as a pixel in this photo. The mountain is thousands of feet high and rises directly out of the flat plain; the fault boundary is fairly obvious here.

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