Frog and Toad Pictures

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Two Frogs
This pair of frogs was amongst a few pieces of scrap wood. There were just a few pieces of wood stacked on end; these frogs were quite a few feet off of the ground. Perhaps they are a mated pair? Both of them were green and copper colored, but as you can see, the ratio of green to copper was different for each frog. Click here for a high resolution version of this image...

This frog was sitting at the edge of Hart Lake in Yosemite, waiting for some flys to walk by. The 100mm Macro lens alone would spook the frog off, but combined with a 2x teleconverter, I was able to get this picture.

This little frog turned up (literally) when I was digging a trench. Fortunately, I had a macro lens and flash ready.

This one blends in quite well with the sandy hole that it's dug. I was almost sitting right on top of this poor toad before I saw it. This was along the banks of the Sacramento River, on a sandy beach.

Same toad, but closer. I had to hold quite still for a very long time for the toad to peek out of the hole. This is a sunlit photograph; no flash necessary here.

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