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The Cadillac Bramble

Cadillac Bramble from front This vehicle was seen "sprouting" in someone's driveway just outside of Fort Bragg. Click here for a high resolution version of this image.
There is no sign of the vehicle from the road; you see only a typical raspberry bush bramble. Click here for a high resolution version of this image. Cadillac Bramble from rear

The jellybean display at Harvest Market

This giant display used to be front-and-center when you walked in Harvest Market. Harvest Market is located at the intersection of Route 20 and Route 1. It's an alternative to the Safeway market located in the center of town. In the front of the store, a gigantic candy display contained just about every flavor of Jelly Belly there is, along with a few other types of candy. An elderly couple was near this display; the wife was selection various flavors, and the man was overheard saying to his wife "It couldn't be more evil if they had a whorehouse in the center of town". The whorehouse is still around in the center of town, but the candy display is now small and at the side of the store. Click here for a high resolution image... Jellybean Display

The waterfall at Russian Gulch

The waterfalls at Russian Gulch on a rainy day. It's about 5 miles from the coast on an easy trail. There's even a campsite further on a few miles that's suitable for horses as well (although the creek trail is not suitable for horses). You may have noticed that the rail of the bridge is bent a little; this photo is an example of a Fish Eye lens. It has an extremely wide angle of view, 180 degrees from corner to corner. Click here for a much higher resolution version of this image. (161k JPEG)

The "Lost Coast"

This is the "lost coast", where route 1 turns inland, and no road follows the coast at all for a while. It's not usually this clear; this is a pretty rare day. Some miles north of this point, a dirt, or sometimes muddy Usal road continues north along the coast with breathtaking dropoffs hundreds of feet below into the crashing surf. The road leads to some primitive campgrounds at Usal, trailhead access and other very long, tortuous dirt roads. Usal is not advisable when it's raining; even 4 wheel drive vehicles can get stuck on the steep channels. Also, heavy trailer traffic at popular times of the year make this one lane mountainous highway somewhat challenging.

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