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This is Caribou Lake, a reservoir in Lassen National Forest. This location is adjacent to the Caribou Wilderness Area; one trailhead for that wilderness is at Caribou Lake. Drive up County Road A21 about 20 miles to a turnoff for Silver Lake. The best route to take is sometimes signed, but it seems to me that every time I go, the signs are different. There are many roads that all seem to lead eventually to about the same place. Be sure to take a map with you; most Lassen National Forest and some Lassen National Park maps will include the Caribou Wilderness Area. There is plenty of parking around the Caribou Lake reservoir for people hiking into the wilderness. In late fall, this location easily gets to 20 degrees or lower; Caribou Lake reservoir falls to about half it's level at this time of the year. However, there are no bugs when it's this cold; that has advantages. This area is one of the few areas in California where you can actually get chased down a trail by a pack of hungry mosquitoes.

You can see us camping at the "end" campsite along side Caribou Lake reservoir. That's me in the middle. There is a small, rough road that leads to this site; small vehicles only! You would not want to have to get a tow up here. You can see the waves in the air caused by the heat of the fire. It was about 20 degrees when this photo was taken, and yes, it did kill my camera battery quite quickly. Illumination was from a 540EZ flash mounted on top of the camera.

This is Silver Lake. There is a pleasant 18 unit campsite a few hundred yards away. Silver Lake has a few shallow thumbs which warm up quite nicely and are very pleasant for swimming in. It also has deeper, colder sections. It's rare to see this lake, or any lake for that matter, when the water is so still. It's difficult to tell which side of the picture is up; i'm basing my decision on brightness.

Mendocino County Hikes

Russian Gulch State Park offers many miles of scenery. There is a waterfall about 5 miles up the trail from the highway, although you can park along Road 409 and walk down to the waterfall along old lumber roads.

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