The Sacramento River

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This is one of many sandy islands that the Sacramento River isolates. On popular days, people float down the river on inner tubes, but considering the speed of the river, and the nasty submerged trees, i'm surprised more people aren't disemboweled.

In summer of 1996, the fishermen said that while there weren't quite as many salmon around as the year before, the salmon were larger. This is a huge fish. When floating quietly down the river in the canoe, many large fish break the water.

Otter Tracks on the beach. The mica in the sand gives a very reflective, gold appearance to the surface. There were all kinds of different animals tracks on this beach, but we were the first human tracks since the flood that season. It was quite tricky to keep the intense sun from creating flare in the image, especially when the sun was reflecting directly off of the water. Using my hand as a makeshift shield, and also making use of the depth-of-field preview, I was able to completely eliminate all the flare from the sun.

A closeup of the otter tracks. This is the Canon 100mm Macro lens being used for non macro distances. Although the front of the lens moves back and forth for focusing, an internal lens element moves slightly as well...this corrects the lens for extremely sharp characteristics when it's focused close up as well as infinity and anywhere in between. You can really see the "fool's gold" in the sand.

Scotty's Bar, a few miles west of Chico, adjacent to the Sacramento River. I can count 9 satellite dishes. This place can get damaged badly in floods.

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