Peaches and Kareem see themselves in print

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Do cats respond to photographs? I know they paw at moving images on the television or on the computer screen and I know they respond to their own image in a mirror...but i've never seen them respond to a photograph. Until a few days ago...

The pictures I took of my kitties are on the dresser. They were printed at 13 by 19 inches, about the largest I can go, then mounted on foam board.

My cats absolutely freaked out when they saw these pictures. I couldn't believe how they responded at first; and I removed the pictures from the room. They eventually calmed down. Just to prove to myself that it was the pictures that freaked them out, and to get photographs of the event, I put the pictures back up and sure enough...

Look at the size of Kareem's tail and his crazy pose!

Peaches was also very unhappy and her tail gets extra huge!

What was all the commotion about? The following two pictures:


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