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This page is all about my current pair of kitties...

Do cats respond to images in photographs? Yes!

Movies of Peaches and Kareem!

Peaches and Kareem came from a small ranch in Gilroy. They moved to San Jose when just six weeks old!

Peaches has her own does Kareem

There is also a page showing captured cat-Yawns. And a page when they were young kittens.

And a lazy page where I just put all of the pictures so you can view them all at one time...

Above: The fuzzy-tail standoff

Below: Sleeping together hard as he tries, he will always be the Anti-Halloween cat. He is not black enough.

Above: Peaches

Below: Springs compressed and ready to leap!

Above: Kareem relaxes

Below: Kareem relaxes from atop a wall mirror!

How does Peaches stay up on the bedframe like this? Kittens can do amazing things when they only weigh a few pounds!

Hammered Copper is a great material when cats are involved. It goes well with my house and they really cannot damage it at all nomatter how hard they try.

All photos Copyright © by Adam Lane. All rights reserved.