Kareem's Drinking Problem

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Kareem is, yes, wrestling with a bottle of vodka:

I sent one of these images to a small Northern California newspaper called the "AVA" or "Anderson Valley Advertiser". It is an interesting paper, full of local and global content with plenty of political opinion...it's enough to drive my cat to drink. That's the newspaper you see on the floor next to Kareem in these shots. Apparently, they thought the picture was humourous enough to publish in an issue, so this is Kareem's first actual official appearance in printed media! Let us hope he is not typecast in the future!

This sequence of pictures deserves an explanation, as I do not actually give my kitty bottles of vodka willingly...

His sibling, Peaches, had gotten spayed a few days earlier and was in no mood for the many daily wrestling matches with her brother, Kareem. Kareem wanted to wrestle with something so badly that he found this bottle in my recycling, about the size and shape of Peaches' body. He wrestled with it for about half of an hour!

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