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"Niner" poses amongst redwood saplings. He's surveying a field of tall grass; just the thing for a country cat. He used to have a "drooling" problem...once he gets to know you though, he calms down and isn't a wet mess anymore.

This is Penguin, Niner's sibling. She is a very sweet cat, but we must make sure not to treat her too nicely, or she stays at our house...not at her owner's house. Cats can be such turncoats.

Penguin is in her element here...the kitchen.

All cats get excited at christmas time. Sweetheart has the "come play with me" look in her eyes. This is not a flash illuminated picture, it is entirely natural light with a bright 50mm f/1.4 lens used wide open.

Othello rests on a BMW K75 motorcycle.

This is Sabin, pronounced "sah-bean". She's doing the classic kitty roll; you can see her tortoise shell details smeared in a circular pattern.

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