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I fix lots of software bugs; that's why I have a strange preoccupation with bugs of the real variety. Hope you are not having breakfast, lunch or dinner...

Dust Mite
June Beetle
Silk Worm Moth
Bees and Wasps
Jumping Spider

One day, I had to move a bunch of redwood log rounds from the scattered places they were, to a neat stacked pile. Since the pieces of wood had been laying around for a few months, I got my Macro lens ready. This is one of the disgusting things that I uncovered.

A tomato worm. These things are creepy; i've never seen a small one before...they grow to 3 inches long very, very quickly. The worm itself is very difficult to see amongst a tomato plant, but the evidence of the worm...missing parts of the plant...are a sure sign one's in there somewhere.

This fuzzy yellow caterpillar was crawing around the shady inside area of a young redwood tree hedge. This is one example of the Canon 100mm Macro lens combined with the 540EZ flash. The flash illumination is harsh and the shadows are sharp.
This bug is common in most of California. They hatch by the millions at certain times of the year in Chico and invade your home. The local people in Chico call them "Chico bugs" amongst other things. I've been told that it's of the order Hemiptera. Illumination in this picture comes from a Macro Ring Light; a flash bulb that wraps all around the front of the lens to provide illumination when you are very close to a subject. Only one of the two flash tubes in the ML-3 was used; there is a shadow in this picture.

Hemiptera <sp?> - Chico Bug

This is a more unfortunate Chico Bug. It was NOT squashed expressly for this picture; I found the unfortunate creature this way. When they invade your home, this carnage is bound to happen. This image can be used to keep other people away when i'm fixing particularly bad bugs in software.

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