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I photographed both of these quail in the desert. One was at Picacho State Reserve, way down south in California along the Colorado River. The other photo was taken along a dry wash along Wiley's Well Road, 10 miles from the Colorado River.

This Blue Heron was sitting in Pine Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River near Chico.

This is a hawk at Crater Lake, Oregon. Two of them were playing in a field a few hours after the best light of the day, so I spent some time watching the pair with some binoculars. I also got a 200mm lens with two 2x teleconverters ready. I had to manually focus the lens and I could barely see through the viewfinder, but the results were pretty good.

Another picture of the same hawk. I think that they were nesting at the time, and the hawh was attempting to rip the tops off of trees as nesting material. Note the difference in exposure. This may be a result of metering inaccuracy because of the strange teleconverter combination.

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